About Busy Barnacles.

I created Busy Barnacles after having some difficulty finding a place to work remotely here in Raleigh, North Carolina. I conducted a couple brief searches on Google, and Reddit, and was surprised that I could not easily find a resource that listed some viable options for working remotely. I imagine that I'm not the only one that would find this type of resource valuable, so I put together this no-code prototype to put that theory to the test!

How it works:

Busy Barnacles is intended to be a free resource for those that work remotely. In the future, as the list grows from user submissions, a user can refer to this application to find a robust directory of options to set up shop for the day based on chosen criteria. That criteria can include features, such as whether coffee is available on site or whether the WiFi is free or paid.

Additionally, users can refine the list to see places that are accessible for No Cost, Low Cost, or High Cost. These categories are explained on the homepage. Each place, when selected, will show additional photos, a brief description, the address, and will include a link directly to the place's website for more information.

Why "barnacles"?

A barnacle is, basically, an organism that makes use of a vessel for its own needs. Busy Barnacles likens the person as the "barnacle," and the place as the "vessel." At the end of the day, the name seemed relevant, and the domain was available, so I went with it.

Find your vessel using the application on the homepage, and/or add a vessel for other barnacles to make use of.

Lastly, and arguably most importantly:

Please do not overstay your welcome at a place that has been included here as a No Cost or Low Cost place. The goal of this application is not to provide a user with an indefinite location to work free of charge. Most, if not all No Cost places will also include some method of contributing to the business by purchasing a product. Please support the business and buy a cup of coffee (at least) if you intend to hang around and work for a lengthy period of time!

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